Recommended Wines

Grape Variety

Territory Wines

Our heritage has a system. The territory wines emphasize the territory they have been growing on. They are dry, white wines that don´t hide their origin. The grapes of one variety and site are harvested by hand and mastered carefully. After at least half a year of ripening in the cellar, we fill them in bottles.

Village Wines

Every wine-growing region is unique in terms of its location, altitude and geology. Village wines are an expression of this uniqueness. The grape varieties that come into question for these wines are traditionally linked to the place where they grow. They are the basis for expression and character. Village wines can be filled in May of the following year.

Cru Wines

In these wines, the focus lies on the beauty and strength of one single vineyard. Privileged through its exceptional terroir, the wines coming out are extraordinary. The grapes are hand-selected and -harvested. Only the best grapes make it into these expressive and long-lived wines. Our single vineyard wines are filled into the bottle in September of the following year at the earliest.