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South Styrian joie de vivre. Fruity, lively bouquet with hints of ripe apples and hay flowers. Both complex and playful, a delicate taste of dried hay lingers on the palate giving a wonderfully balanced and expressive sensation.




Ideal degrees of ripeness of the grapes as well as an expansion tailored to fruit and liveliness shape this delicate traditional wine. The old vines grow mainly on single-vineyards with Opok soil.

Fresh, aromatic, light and juicy at the same time.

Traditional Tement classic.

Goes excellent with cold platters, starters and salads.

Vintage: 2022

Grape Variety: Welschriesling

Appellation: Territory Wine Südsteiermark DAC

Classification: Territory Wine

Vinification: Stainless steel tank.

Alcohol: 11,5 % vol.

Residual Sugar: 2,9 g/l RS dry

Acidity: 5,9 g/l tbS

Territory Wine

Every village in Südsteiermark (Styria) is unique when it comes to terroir, sea level and geology. The classification of village wines is celebrating that uniqueness. There are specific vineyards and particular grape varieties, showing exactly those special characteristics, that can be used for this classification.

Biodynamic Agriculture


DEMETER certified biodynamics is an enhanced biological farming practice. It is a way of producing organic food that is highly regarded by farmers and consumers for its quality.

Demeter certified biodynamic farmers use unique soil, plant and compost preparations that, when practiced successfully, create a humus-rich, well-structured soil ideal for the growth of healthy vibrant plants.


We seek an open, friendly and professional technical dialogue with like-minded people. In this way we support each other, and educate ourselves together and mutually further. In exchange, and always with a view towards the future.

respekt-BIODYN is an association which consists of internationally renowned wineries from Austria, Germany, Italy and Hungary, people who have committed themselves to the goal of producing wines of the highest quality and individuality using biodynamic methods.

family business since 1959

100% in-house production

authentical wines of origin

organic agriculture AT-BIO-402

careful manual labour

slow and gentle maturation of the wines

hand harvested grapes

natural and spontaneous fermentation

Wine is not static.
It evolves, matures and changes over time.

Armin Tement

Our Standards

More than 15 years ago we started taking the first steps towards organic farming. We are now in the phase to convert to biodynamics. A logical step for us and a beginning without end. Every year we learn something new, observe nature and get closer to it bit by bit. We see our business as a form of modern circular economy in which wine is part of an overall concept. Partnerships with horse and cattle farmers have just as much space here as the use of the company’s own forest for energy production. Wine as a way of life.