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IZ & Zalto Karaffe

Sauvignon Blanc

For Zieregg ambassadors and #friendsinwine we offer some bottles of highly awareded Ried Zieregg “IZ” 2018. It is no secret that such a wine has to be prepared accordingly in order to develop its full potential in the glass. We put this competence in the hands of a master of glass culture. The ZALTO decanter No. 75 (incl. Tement branding) completes this rarity, which we have limited to only 20 pieces.





This wine represents the highest level of excellence, a different side of Ried Zieregg, which is unmistakable not only in the taste but also in the craftsmanship behind this wine. Each individual berry is selectively harvested and has over 100 days to store all the aromas and terroir information of its vine subcellularly. Fermentation begins particularly gently and slowly in the healthy berry skin. After these 100 days, the grapes are pressed and matured sulphur-free on the fine lees in neutral oak barrels for a further 42 months before being bottled unfiltered. This wine is characterized by the authentic expression of the Zieregg terroir, with remarkable precision, intensity and depth.

The Christkindl from Zieregg fulfills a truly special wish this year:

Enjoy  1 x 0,75 bottles  Ried ZIEREGG IZ RESERVE

  • 1x Ried ZIEREGG IZ Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2018 GSTK
  • 1 x Zalto Karaffe

Limited to 20 sets, first come first served.

Ried Zieregg is an incredibly multi-faceted vineyard site characterized by limestone marl and coralline limestone soil. Due to the multi-layered terroir, we have divided the vineyard into 16 parcels in order to be able to work them selectively in their individuality. “IZ” stands for an “intercellular berry fermentation” process that we developed in 2005. The Sauvignon Blanc grapes for this wine come from the oldest parcels of the Ried Zieregg and combine to create an incomparable wine that reflects its terroir in its fullest intensity.

Vintage: 2018

Grape Variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Appellation: Südsteiermark DAC

Classification: STK Grand Cru

STK Grand Cru

Exquisite single-vineyard wines from the most exceptional STK Rieden (single vineyards). Favoured by extraordinary terroir and harvested late. Vines must be at least 15 years old. Yields are limited to 4500 litres per hectare. A minimum presence of ten years on the market guarantees exceptional quality.

Organic Farming

Organic agriculture AT-BIO 402.




Robert Parker


James Suckling

Ried Zieregg

We have redefined our iconic vineyard Zieregg. Thus, there are now four vineyards that surround our homebase at an altitude of between 350 and 490 meters above sea level.
Zieregg Tement
Zieregg Tement Parzellen

family business since 1959

100% in-house production

authentical wines of origin

organic agriculture AT-BIO-402

careful manual labour

slow and gentle maturation of the wines

hand harvested grapes

natural and spontaneous fermentation

Wine is not static.
It evolves, matures and changes over time.

Armin Tement

Our Standards

More than 15 years ago we started taking the first steps towards organic farming. We are now in the phase to convert to biodynamics. A logical step for us and a beginning without end. Every year we learn something new, observe nature and get closer to it bit by bit. We see our business as a form of modern circular economy in which wine is part of an overall concept. Partnerships with horse and cattle farmers have just as much space here as the use of the company’s own forest for energy production. Wine as a way of life.