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Set "Grenzenlos"
3 x 750 ml

Sauvignon Blanc

Best of Domaine Ciringa. Find our three wines in one package. Limitless Sauvignon Blanc pleasure. Deep, complex and puristic.



Ciringa is somehow like the little brother of Zieregg, even though the wines from the Slovenian side of the hill are in no way inferior. Ciringa is coralline limestone soil and, therefore, a warranty for absolute preciseness. Like it´s made solely for Sauvignon Blanc. This package, reflects the boundless feeling of Sauvignon Blanc. Due to the shell limestone soil with brown earth, the Sauvignon Blancs grow excellently and are not only very deep, complex but also very puristic.

Includes: 3 x 1 bottles (750 ml)

  • 2022 Foslini Breg Sauvignon Blanc (organic)
  • 2017 Reserve Sauvignon Blanc
  • 2019 PRUH Sauvignon Blanc

In 2005 we founded our Slovenian winery “DOMAINE CIRINGA”. Ciringa is directly located next to our Austrian winery Tement and well known single-vineyard Zieregg. Domaine Ciringa vinifies very puristic and mineralic Sauvignon Blancs that grow on pure coralline limestone soil.

Fosilni Breg means “fossils mountain” and has been relaunched in the year 2009. The combination of the microclimate and the coralline limestone soil topped with cambisol provides perfect conditions for an accentuated, long-living and authentic Sauvignon Blanc made by #brothersinwine Armin & Stefan Tement.


Grape Variety: Sauvignon Blanc


Biodynamic agriculture

Biodynamic agriculture


Demeter represents consistent organic food produced in harmony with nature. Due to its vibrant circular economy, Demeter farming is considered the most sustainable form of land management and goes far beyond the requirements of the EU Organic Regulation.

Demeter farmers handle the land and the entrusted animals with care. They consciously shape the landscape to make it livable and sustainable.


family business since 1959

100% in-house production

authentical wines of origin

organic agriculture AT-BIO-402

careful manual labour

slow and gentle maturation of the wines

hand harvested grapes

natural and spontaneous fermentation

Wine is not static.
It evolves, matures and changes over time.

Armin Tement

Our Standards

More than 15 years ago we started taking the first steps towards organic farming. We are now in the phase to convert to biodynamics. A logical step for us and a beginning without end. Every year we learn something new, observe nature and get closer to it bit by bit. We see our business as a form of modern circular economy in which wine is part of an overall concept. Partnerships with horse and cattle farmers have just as much space here as the use of the company’s own forest for energy production. Wine as a way of life.