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Weingut Tement


Großartige Verkostungsnotiz unseres Fosilni Breg's von Curtis Marsh/The Wandering Palate

My most intriguing new discovery in sauvignon blanc is from Slovenia although actually made by one of Austria’s top sauvignon blanc producers, Tement. The Slovenian vineyard, named Domaine Ciringa, actually borders their single-vineyard Zieregg (in Austrian territory) with similar ancient limestone rich soils full of sea fossils, hence the name “Fosilni Breg, which means fossil mountain. Tement Sauvignon Blanc’s are about serious as it gets for this variety; mineral infused single-vineyard expressions that dare I say, are the Grand Cru equivalent to German Riesling and mature wonderfully well past a decade and more in bottle.

Hier der Link zum gesamten Artikel: http://www.thewanderingpalate.com/buying-wine/international-sauvignon-blanc-day-may-18-the-wandering-palates-favourite-savvys/