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Assessment is based on the international 100-point system. The 100-point system also brings with it an international comparability, which also holds for the winery itself a strategic advantage.

  • 100 points: not to exceed
  • 95-99: absolutely world class
  • 90-94: excellent wine, among the best of the vintage
  • 85-89: Good to very good

Gault Millau

Gault Millau

  • 12 out of 20 points: clean and simple wines suitable for every opportunity
  • 13, 14 points: good and straightforward wines, fruity and charming. Can be drunk every day without losing fun.
  • 15,16 points: very good and expressive wines that do not only accompany but also enrich great food.
  • 17,18 points: marvelous wines that represent the top of its vintage and region. Wines that perfectly demonstrate the character of its variety, soil and the philosophy of the winemaker.  
  • 19, 20 out of 20 points: world class wines with sovereignty and power. Rare in quantity with a high ageing potential.



  • 1 star: acceptable
  • 2 stars: good, in the truest sense of the word
  • 3 stars: very good
  • 4 stars: excellent
  • 5 stars: top, outstanding Austrian wine

Robert Parker Wine Advocate
FINE Weinmagazin

ZIEREGG "IZ®" Reserve Sauvignon Blanc

13.5 %
1.2 g/l
6 g/l

Ried Zieregg is a multifaceted single vineyard and dominated by deep shell limestone soil, marl lime and cambisol. Due to its multi-layered terroir we have divided the vineyard in 16 parcels in order to selectively treat them with regard to their

„IZ®“ stands for a method of intercellular fermentation we have developed in 2005. Every single berry has more than 100 days to store all aromas and terroir information of its vine „intercellular“ and to ferment particularly slowly and gently. The alcoholic fermentation starts intercelluar in the healthy skin of the berry. After 100 days the grapes are being pressed and given to a neutral oak cask where they mature for another 60 months on the lees withouth SO2. Zieregg IZ Reserve 2012 was bottled unfiltered in September 2017.

This special method of fermentation enables the vinification of an incomparable wine that reflects terroir in its fullest intensity.

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