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Assessment is based on the international 100-point system. The 100-point system also brings with it an international comparability, which also holds for the winery itself a strategic advantage.

  • 100 points: not to exceed
  • 95-99: absolutely world class
  • 90-94: excellent wine, among the best of the vintage
  • 85-89: Good to very good

Gault Millau

Gault Millau

  • 12 out of 20 points: clean and simple wines suitable for every opportunity
  • 13, 14 points: good and straightforward wines, fruity and charming. Can be drunk every day without losing fun.
  • 15,16 points: very good and expressive wines that do not only accompany but also enrich great food.
  • 17,18 points: marvelous wines that represent the top of its vintage and region. Wines that perfectly demonstrate the character of its variety, soil and the philosophy of the winemaker.  
  • 19, 20 out of 20 points: world class wines with sovereignty and power. Rare in quantity with a high ageing potential.

Robert Parker

SERNAU KÖNIG Sauvignon Blanc "Grosse STK Lage"

13.5 %
1.1 g/l
6.3 g/l

The profundity of the sandy light soil type allows very fast growth through the vine roots in low-lying, water-bearing zones. On this terroir, Sauvignon Blanc usually develops vegetal, herbal aromas combined with softer fruit flavours.

Besides core Sauvignon Blanc notes, this exceptinal vintage 2016 boasts deep minerality paired with vegetal flavour and radiant clarity: dried herbs, raspberry leaves and savory. Aromas of dried, pickled tomatoes on the palate, focused, mineral and with great length.

33,00 VAT included

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