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Assessment is based on the international 100-point system. The 100-point system also brings with it an international comparability, which also holds for the winery itself a strategic advantage.

  • 100 points: not to exceed
  • 95-99: absolutely world class
  • 90-94: excellent wine, among the best of the vintage
  • 85-89: Good to very good

Gault Millau

Gault Millau

  • 12 out of 20 points: clean and simple wines suitable for every opportunity
  • 13, 14 points: good and straightforward wines, fruity and charming. Can be drunk every day without losing fun.
  • 15,16 points: very good and expressive wines that do not only accompany but also enrich great food.
  • 17,18 points: marvelous wines that represent the top of its vintage and region. Wines that perfectly demonstrate the character of its variety, soil and the philosophy of the winemaker.  
  • 19, 20 out of 20 points: world class wines with sovereignty and power. Rare in quantity with a high ageing potential.

Robert Parker Wine Advocate

Fosilni Breg RESERVE Sauvignon Blanc

13 %
1,3 g/l
6,0 g/l
Screw cap

Some years ago we planted Sauvignon Blanc vines on Slovenian territory right next to our single-vineyard Zieregg.

The combination of the microclimate and the rich shell limestone soil with cambisol provides ideal conditions for accentuated, long-living, authentic and mineralic Sauvignon Blanc.

The vintage year 2015 brought us such high quality grapes that we decided to put the ripest parcel in a barrel. After 18 months of maturation, the wine has a great balance, without any superficial flavors. A fantastic complexity developed with aromas of green peas and pears mixed with citrus fruits. A spicy and grandiose taste. Fine acidity structure.

18,00 VAT included

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