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Wine and a good life are tightly connected. The step from being a winemaker to being a host is a small one. Our “winemaker-houses” in the middle of the vineyard, covered in rolling hills express exactly that combination and way of life. As the name indicates, those houses were used during harvest for winemakers to live there. Back in the days winemakers were working for wine farmers and naturally chose to live as close as possible to the vineyards.

Today our “Winzarei” is used more as a safe haven where you find every single thing you need to calm down and relax. The view and surrounding are gonna make your mouth water. When it’s time to eat you may cook yourself or let experts do that job for you and you lean back and enjoy. 

Good hospitality is not a pillow you can rest on. It has to be earned anew every single day.


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The close-by restaurant Weinbankrun by the sommelier and chef duo Gerhard Fuchs and Christian Zach have made Ehrenhausen into a culinary hotspot. Their hard work, sensitivity and combined experience put this small little village on the map of Foodies and not only wine-lovers.

If Ehrenhausen seems too much of a journey to you, we recommend Magnothek situated right next to our “Winzarei”-apartments. Next to a breath taking view this little restaurant can also offer an equally breath taking selection of aged Magnums and special rarities of the region. To be found are wines from befriended winemakers and winemakers we look up to. You can call it an expression of our love and passion for wine. Whichever you choose, enjoy those special places, in between man-made boarders. Somewhere in between “Zieregg” and “Ciringa”, Slovenia and Styria.

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Location Ciringa Stampfer

Romantic atmosphere with a 360° panorama. 
Since the summer of 2018 we offer you to stay at this beautiful spot in the vineyard Ciringa Stampfer, 800 m from the "Südsteirische Weinstraße" (South Styrian Wine Route) - the regional wine route - and 2 km from the winery. The site is found on the Slovenian side of the boarder and offers a unique 360° panorama view over the surrounding vineyard covered hills. Adults only (from age 16).

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Location Zieregg

Relax and recharge with a stunning view. 
Elegant,tasteful and with passion to detail. Words that describe not only our wines but also the six different winemakers-apartments on the vineyard Zieregg. Every single one of them is unique. The view over the rolling hills of vineyards can be enjoyed from the garden shared between the two houses and is breath taking and romantic. The winery and the small restaurant “Magnothek” are so close they are easy to reach by foot.

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Location Ciringa Pec

A safe haven for people seeking peace and quiet.
Surrounded by vineyards and flower meadows, around 3 km away from the winery Tement, lays the vineyard house “Pec”. In a fast paced world this is a place for people looking for peace and quiet which leaves nothing to be desired. Best for two adults with the opportunity to add 1-2 additional beds for kids.

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Location Ciringa Menhard

A paradise right on the regional wine route.
The “South Styrian Wine Route”, named after the Austrian region Styria, is known for connecting Austria and Slovenia rather than dividing it. Directly on the Slovenian side of the road you can find the vineyard Ciringa Menhard. You can find six beautiful welcoming houses - or chalets - and two romantic suites. Part of the facilities are a panorama swimming pool and a small Spa area with a quiet room and a sauna.

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