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VERJUS Set 3x0,75lt

Alkoholfrei & Kalorienarm
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  • 2020
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    VERJUS Set 3x0,75lt

    VERJUS - grape juice #lowcalorie #nonalcoholic

    For many hundred years Verjus has been used as a medicine, acidulant and condiment. Made of unripe "green" grapes it is rich in minerals and antioxidants and is the ideal refreshment drink with delicate notes of young grapes.

    Try our set of 3 bottles packed in our wooden case:

    • VERJUS Apero - delicate drinking pleasure*
    • VERJUS Apero rosso - delicate drinking pleasure*
    • VERJUS Profumo - spicing up health concious cooking

    Alcohol-free and low-calorie. Free from preservatives and stabilzers. *Organic control number AT-BIO-402


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