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Zieregg Sauvignon Set

Sauvignon Blanc
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  • incl. MwSt.
  • 2017
    Vint. 2017
    Vol.Alc. 13
    RS 1,3 g/l
    tBs. 6,6 g/l
    Unsere ausgezeichneten Weine
    Falstaff 98/100
    Gault Millau 19,5
    Pfeil mit Trauben
    Zieregg Sauvignon Set

    A wine for eternity. For pouring it in perfection, one must not missing the right decanter:

    Ried ZIEREGG Sauvignon Blanc & Tement "Apple" decanter manufactured by RIEDEL

    In the nose a concentrated spicy spectrum that is highlighted with pure herbs and elegance. Full character, structured and deep minerality. Due to the long ageing period(18 months on the lees), the wine can be drunk young however we strongly reoccomend a bottle ageing of at least 5-7 years to express the typical "Zieregg" flavors. Potential for the next 20 years and longer!


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