Domaine Ciringa

11 + 1

Vintage Special 11 + 1 Fosilni Breg Sauvignon Blanc

Stajerska Slovenija
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  • 2015
    Vint. 2015
    Vol.Alc. 13
    RS 1,4 g/l
    tBs. 6,4 g/l
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    Falstaff 92/100
    Gault Millau 17
    Pfeil mit Trauben
    Vintage Special 11 + 1 Fosilni Breg Sauvignon Blanc

    In 2005 we founded the Slovenian winery "DOMAINE CIRINGA". Ciringa is directly located next to our Austrian winery Tement and most famous single-vineyard Zieregg. Domaine Ciringa vinifies puristic and mineralic Sauvignon Blancs that grow on pure coralline limestone soil.

    Fosilni Breg means "fossils mountain" and has been relaunched in the year 2009.

    The label on the burgundy bottle shows a sea star fossil (found in the single vineyard Ciringa) and demonstrates the origin and the balance of this mineralic and puristic wine. The combination of the microclimate and the coralline limestone soil provides perfect conditions for an accentuated, long-living, authentic and mineralic Sauvignon Blanc.

    Puristic & mineral Sauvignon Blanc mady by #brothersinwine Armin & Stefan Tement. 

    Winter special 11 + 1



    As a family and as winemakers we follow principles in life as well as at work. Organic agriculture is one of the principles we hold dear. With the end of the 2018 vintage we made it public and started a never ending journey. Year after year we understand a tiny bit more. Now we grow not on acreage but on responsibilities.


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