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Fosilni Breg Rarity Special & 1 Beerenauslese free

Stajerska Slovenija
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    Fosilni Breg Rarity Special & 1 Beerenauslese free

    Fosilni Breg Sauvignon Blanc turns 10 years!
    This summer Domaine Ciringa will bring out the 10th edition of "Fosilni Breg Sauvignon Blanc". We are celebrating this anniversary with an exciting vertical of the best vintages, including a Beerenauslese "Desertno Vino" free of charge!

    Package includes 6x 0,75ml  & 1x Desertno Vino BA 0,375 free of charge

    • 2x 2018 Fosilni Breg Sauvignon Blanc 
    • 2x 2017 Fosilni Breg Sauvignon Blanc
    • 2x 2015 Fosilni Breg Sauvignon Blanc 
    • 1x 2017 Fosilni Breg Desertno Vino Beerenauslese 

    #ciringa #sauvignonblanc #korallenkalk #stajerskaslovenija


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