Riedenweine aus biologischer Landwirtschaft

Großer Jahrgang 2019

MINI-ME Lagenpaket groß 8x0,375lt

8 x 0,375lt Flaschen
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    MINI-ME Lagenpaket groß 8x0,375lt

    The taste of Südsteiermark's single vineyard wines!

    Enjoy the top wines of our portfolio. Packed in a wooden box 8 x 0,375ml.

    • 1x 2019 Ried STEINBACH FÜRST Gelber Muskateller Erste STK Lage 375ml
    • 1x 2019 Ried SULZ Morillon Erste STK Lage 375ml 
    • 1x 2019 Ried ROSSBERG Morillon 375ml
    • 1x 2019 Ried SULZ Weisser Burgunder Erste STK Lage 375ml
    • 1x 2019 FOSILNI BREG Sauvignon Blanc 375ml
    • 1x 2019 Ried GRASSNITZBERG Sauvignon Blanc Erste STK Lage 375ml
    • 1x 2019 Ried ZIEREGG Sauvignon Blanc Große STK Lage 375ml
    • 1x 2019 Ried WIELITSCHBERG Gewürztraminer Erste STK Lage 375ml 

    Perfect to taste the diversity of terroir and grape varieties. 



    As a family and as winemakers we follow principles in life as well as at work. Organic agriculture is one of the principles we hold dear. With the end of the 2018 vintage we made it public and started a never ending journey. Year after year we understand a tiny bit more. Now we grow not on acreage but on responsibilities.

    - Family business since 1959
    - Slow and gentle maturation 
    - Natural and spontaneous fermentation of the wines
    - 100% in-house production
    - Hand harvested grapes
    - Careful manual labour
    - Authentical wines of origin
    - Organic agriculture after AT-BIO-402


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    1,3 g/lRZ
    5.8 g/ltBs



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