Riedenwein aus biologischer Landwirtschaft

Magnum 1,5lt

Ried Zieregg Morillon Magnum 1,5lt

Große STK Lage
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  • incl. MwSt.
  • 2018
    Vint. 2018
    Vol.Alc. 13
    RS 2.4 g/l
    tBs. 7 g/l
    Pfeil mit Trauben
    Ried Zieregg Morillon Magnum 1,5lt

    The part of single vineyard Zieregg where the Morillon is planted changes from limestone to lime marl clay which still has a little more heat storage capacity and is, therefore, ideal for a "large" Burgundy. Cool winds also favour the very aromatic expression of the grape.

    To allow the whole complexity of the location and variety to be reflected in the bottle, a prolonged ageing process in small neutral barrels is crucial.

    The bundled nose may enjoy concentrated, delicate aromas of cocoa beans, ripe lemons and hazelnuts. Air reveals fresh meadow herbs, which are cool and incredibly playful. Exceptional vintage with inspiring length.

    Optimal drinking time after 5 - 15 years bottle ageing.

    Bottle size Magnum 1,5 litre



    As a family and as winemakers we follow principles in life as well as at work. Organic agriculture is one of the principles we hold dear. With the end of the 2018 vintage we made it public and started a never ending journey. Year after year we understand a tiny bit more. Now we grow not on acreage but on responsibilities.

    - Family business since 1959
    - Slow and gentle maturation 
    - Natural and spontaneous fermentation of the wines
    - 100% in-house production
    - Hand harvested grapes
    - Careful manual labour
    - Authentical wines of origin
    - Organic agriculture after AT-BIO-402


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