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New ways,
new chances

For decades now we, as a winery, are known for the highest quality, elegance and a clear message. That also can be  considered our personal requirement to ourselves in everything we do. Over the years we have been working under the principles of organic agriculture, but since the harvest of 2018 we are finally fully certified organic. The logical step really for anyone who works closely with nature. Finding a way of working, that listens to nature. Working with it in a dialogue rather than a monologue. Nature ends up showing us the way whether we like it or not. This is expressed by our conscious choice of local grape varieties like Sauvignon Blanc, Welschriesling, Gelber Muskateller, Weissburgunder and Morillon. Grape varieties that have history here and flourish in the regional climate and weather conditions. Conditions that challenge us year after
year and confront us with new challenges. It is these borderline experiences that teach us to listen to nature and is exactly what makes our work exciting. It forces us to be humble and see our wine as what it is: a snapshot in time far away from any predictability. 

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Südsteiermark DAC

Origin with a system

Gathering the expressions and distinctiveness of Styria is not an easy task. Luckily there is some orientation with the help of a classification system that was established in 2018. The wines are distinguished in Gebietsweine (territory wines), Ortsweine (village wines) and Riedenweine (single-vineyard wines). The quality requirements are particularly high because hand harvest is required for all stages.

Single-vineyard wines

Wines that show one particular terroir of a specific, privileged single vineyard. The winemaker crafts expressive and individual wines from single grape varieties. Special care goes into those highest quality wines of the region.

Village wines

Every village in Südsteiermark (Styria) is unique when it comes to terroir, sea level and geology. The classification of village wines is celebrating that uniqueness. There are specific vineyards and particular grape varieties, showing exactly those special characteristics, that can be used for this classification.

Territory wines

Territory wines are dry white wines of one grape variety that emphasize the origin as a whole. The hand harvested grapes get handled with great care and the wine has to spend a minimum of half a year in the cellar before bottling.


It is a question
of location

We work with vineyards on both sides of the border. On both - the Slovenian and the Styrian side - we want to showcase the differences and highest potentials of the grapes. It might be a hassle to do so, but every drop of sweat and every aching bone is worth it. Our most treasured vineyards have two things in common: they are situated on south-east to south-west facing slopes and all lay on a particularly high sea level. Those features provide the vineyards with a special microclimate, which helps us to grow grapes with a perfect acidity structure.

Now it’s only important to harvest at the right time and treat the grapes with care in the cellar. We ferment our wines naturally with spontaneously yeast and vinify each vineyard separately. Only after storing the wines for some time will we be able to decide the destiny of each one of them. The characteristics it shows, the origin it emphasizes. Our collected experience will lead the way.

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Riedenwein aus biologischer Landwirtschaft

Ried ZIEREGG Sauvignon Blanc BIO

Unsere ausgezeichneten Weine
  • available
  • incl. MwSt.
  • 2018
    Vint. 2018
    Vol.Alc. 13,5
    RS 1,1 g/l
    tBs. 6.2 g/l
    Gutswein aus biologischer Landwirtschaft

    TEMENT BLANC Südsteiermark BIO

  • available
  • incl. MwSt.
  • 2020
    Vint. 2020
    Vol.Alc. 12
    RS 1,1 g/l
    tBs. 5,4 g/l
    Riedenwein aus biologischer Landwirtschaft

    Ottenberg Veitlhansl Welschriesling BIO

    Unsere ausgezeichneten Weine
  • available
  • incl. MwSt.
  • 2018
    Vint. 2018
    Vol.Alc. 12,5
    RS 1.1 g/l
    tBs. 6,4 g/l



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