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ZOTTER Chocolate
Sauvignon Blanc

ZOTTER x TEMENT. Exclusive chocolate & wine edition. Our signature wine is flavorful with fresh citrus aromas, local yellow fruit, elderberry and cassis. To reflect the flavor profile of sauvignon blanc, the white wine is enhanced with elderflower, then flows into a milk chocolate filling. This is accompanied by some grappa from Zotter and a squeeze of lemon. A wafer-thin fruity currant coating on top and sweet caramel coating on the bottom. Covered with milk chocolate with 50% cocoa power.


ZOTTER chocolate handmade
Variety: Sauvignon blanc Kalk & Kreide. Dark milk chocolate filled with sauvignon white wine ganache°(60%)- alcoholic.

Chilled chocolate is only half the pleasure! You can experience the full pleasure of hand-scooped chocolates when you enjoy milk chocolate at about 22° C.

More than 200 employees work in the Zotter chocolate factory to make all the sweet dreams come true. Naturally BIO + FAIR + BEAN-TO-BAR!

INGREDIENTS: Raw cane sugar°*, cocoa butter°*, cocoa mass°*, WHOLE MILK POWDER°, white wine°(contains SULFIT), starch syrup°, BUTTER°, MILK POWDER°, MILK CARAMEL POWDER°(MILK POWDER°, sugar°), dried currants°, lemon juice concentrate°, grappa°, lemon powder°(lemon juice concentrate°, corn starch°, sugar°), emulsifier: Lecithin (SOJA)°, elderflower°, whole cane sugar°*, rock salt, vanilla bean powder°*, cinnamon°*. Cocoa (cocoa mass and cocoa butter): 50% minimum in the dark milk chocolate°.
Nutritional values
Energy kcal 529 kcal / Energy kJ 2209 kJ / Fat 36 g / of which saturated fatty acids 22 g / Carbohydrates 42 g / thereof sugar 39 g / Protein 5,8 g / Salt 0,19 g / Average nutritional values per 100 g
Allergies May contain traces of nuts of all kinds, peanuts, eggs, gluten and sesame.

Organic Farming

Organic agriculture AT-BIO 402.

family business since 1959

100% in-house production

authentical wines of origin

organic agriculture AT-BIO-402

careful manual labour

slow and gentle maturation of the wines

hand harvested grapes

natural and spontaneous fermentation

Wine is not static.
It evolves, matures and changes over time.

Armin Tement

Our Standards

More than 15 years ago we started taking the first steps towards organic farming. We are now in the phase to convert to biodynamics. A logical step for us and a beginning without end. Every year we learn something new, observe nature and get closer to it bit by bit. We see our business as a form of modern circular economy in which wine is part of an overall concept. Partnerships with horse and cattle farmers have just as much space here as the use of the company’s own forest for energy production. Wine as a way of life.