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We love wine and the region we live in. It gives our work shape, draws a line, defines who we are and even more: who we are not.

Added Value

Barren soils, bare rocks and a slope that makes you reverent. Extreme conditions under which only wine can survive.

Family Winery Tement

Families are about solidarity but are also the sum of their individuals. Our family thrives together because of its differences, however people that need each other need space just as much to grow. Tradition is as important as change. Those who merely continue their ancestors path, without questioning it, stay spellbound, unable to ever see with their own eyes.


Keeping the vineyards and our soil in balance is our concern. We have been cultivating our vineyards according to organic principles for several years, have been part of the Demeter Association since 2022 and are a member of the Respekt Gruppe. A logical step and a beginning without end. It is our understanding of modern circular economy, in which transnational partnerships with horse and cattle farmers find space as well as the use of renewable energy.

In the end, nature decides.

Manfred Tement


Wine and a good life are tightly connected. The step from being a winemaker to being a host is a small one. 

Domaine Ciringa

Something like Zieregg’s little brother. The wines on Slovenian soil are in no way inferior to the great idol.