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Weingut Tement
  • The grapes for this wine come from locations high on slopes with a very favorable microclimate, guaranteeing that the grapes dry out early—and thus ripen optimally—in the autumn. The orientation of these slopes is southeast to southwest.
  • The vineyards are at locations, in groups of vineyards or parts of villages which have been promoted to STK growing sites due to years of experience and with regard to domestic and international tasting results. Wines from these areas exhibit a pronouncedly regional taste.
  • The grapevines used must be at least 12 years old on average.
  • The vineyards are maintained in a sustainable and natural manner.
  • Wines are produced from the varieties Sauvignon Blanc, Morillon, Weißburgunder, Grauburgunder, Gelber Muskateller and/or Traminer.
  • Wines are vinified dry and produced as Qualitätswein, the natural ripeness of which entails at least 12.5% alcohol by volume. Wines of the Traminer variety, as well as those classified as Prädikatswein, are of course exempt from the dryness requirement.
  • The grapes are selectively hand-harvested in several phases and, with regard to physiological ripeness, at the latest-possible point in time.
  • Only healthy (botrytis-free) grapes are used.
  • Harvest yield is limited to a maximum of 4,500 l/ha.
  • The aging potential of these wines should be at least 5 years; this is determined by examining three vintages from the last five vintages or from more mature wines at the STK single-vineyard wine tasting events.
  • Premier Cru STK wines have been present on the market for at least five years and, even in less optimum years, exhibit independence and area-typical character.
  • Premier Cru STK wines may be brought to market at the earliest on 1 May, after six months’ aging. The official presentation date is the spring wine tasting event of the STK wineries at the beginning of May.
    » Premier Cru STK wines labeled as “Reserve”, “Privat”, “Fassreserve”, “Vinotheksfüllung”, etc., or those wines aged in small, mainly new wood casks may be brought to market at the earliest on 1 May, after eighteen months’ aging.


Wines of the Premier Cru STK Lage classification can be recognized by a gold STK banderole or a gold STK imprint on the capsule.


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*"Premier Cru STK" is based on the private-law vineyard classifi cation system by the members of STK