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Weingut Tement


Grand Cru STK

These wines adhere to the standards for Premier Cru STK wines plus:

  • The grapes for Grand Cru STK wines ripen in vineyards with outstanding terroir which makes the production of wines with particularly marked character and ageing potential possible.
  • The grapes come from vineyards whose soils are conductive to the development of a high degree of minerality in the wine, for example soils with large amounts of shell limestone, lime marl, volcanic stone, sand, gravel and shale as well as combinations of these.
  • The grapevines used must be at least 15 years old on average
  • Harvest yield is limited to a maximum of 3,500 l/ha
  • The ageing potential of thee wines should be at least 10 years; this is determined by examining five vintages from the last ten vintages or from more mature wines at the STK single-vineyard wine tasting events
  • Grand Cru STK wines have been present on the market for at least ten years and, even in less optimum years, exhibit independence and area-typical character.
  • Grand Cru STK wines may be brought to market at the earliest on 1 May, after eighteen months’ aging. The official presentation date is the spring wine tasting event of the STK wineries at the beginning of May.
  • Grand Cru STK wines labeled as “Reserve”, “Privat”, “Fassreserve”, “Vinotheksfüllung”, etc. may be brought to market at the earliest on 1 May, after thirty months’ aging.


Wines of the Grand Cru STK classification can be recognized by a gold STK banderole or a gold STK imprint on the capsule.


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*"Grand Cru STK" is based on the private-law vineyard classifi cation system by the members of STK